Electric gynecological examination chair: three bodies, with two motors for height adjustment, Trendelenburg, gynecological leg supports, armrests and cervical cushion

Electric gynecological examination chair: three bodies, with two motors for height adjustment, Trendelenburg, gynecological leg supports, armrests and cervical cushion  
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Reference: SE-2230-BRG

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  • Armchair measurements:
  • 56cm x 174cm
  • Reference: SE-2230-BRG
  • 2.387,49€
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  • Upholstery M1-PVC (leatherette) / M1-T (fabric):
  • 62cm
  • Reference: PVC62
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Electric gynecological examination chair with three bodies. It consists of 2 motors for height adjustment and Trendelenburg/antitren by hand control. It includes gynecological leg supports, a removable stainless steel tray , folding armrests to facilitate lateral access , an ergonomic cervical cushion and a toilet paper holder.

It is an electric chair that consists of a highly resistant structure , made of steel tube and painted white that guarantees greater stability .

It allows you to choose the color of the upholstery, made with Skay Valencia series of very good quality since it is waterproof, antibacterial and has a special anti-COVID treatment . In addition, there is the possibility of choosing the color of the upholstery made of imitation leather or high-quality fabric .


- Type of backup: lift/recline

- Arms: folding armrests 90º, 180º horizontally (metallic and upholstered)

- Footrest: adjustable and rotating gynecological leg supports

- Legs: lifting/reclining footboard

- Other extras included: removable stainless steel tray under the seat, ergonomic cushion for chair backs, gynecological compartment, hand control (2), paper holder

- Special positions: Anti-Trendelenburg / Trendelenburg

- Regulations and security: the engine/engines comply with European safety regulations

- CE PRODUCT Made in Spain

Technical characteristics:

- Type of structure: 1 column

- Weight supported: 180kg

- Material: epoxy powder coated steel tube, baked at 210ºC

- Paint: white


- Type of motor: electric

- Number of engines: two

- Motorized functionalities: height, Anti-Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg

- Gas piston functionalities: footboard, backrest

Height type: dimmable

Upholstery colors:

Upholstery M1-PVC and M1-T (extra supplement)

- Flame retardant classification: M1
- They can be cleaned with products containing alcohol.
- All the colors of these palettes have a supplement that is indicated in the rate and depends on the width of the stretchers.
- The difference between the two is that the M1-T has a fabric finish.

Upholstered M2 (Valencia Range)

- Flame retardant classification: M2
- This fabric must be cleaned with water and neutral soap to prevent it from cracking. It is true that you can use several disinfectant products that have been tested by the manufacturer and do not cause damage to the leatherette.
- It is a fairly wide palette and we have 18 colors in stock. The rest, suppose a supplement that is indicated in the rate and depends on the width of the stretchers.

Color selection process

Choose the color in the " Comments " box in the purchase process by writing the number - name of the desired color

Likewise , if your choice is an upholstery in imitation leather (M1-PVC) or fabric (M1-T) you must specify it in the comments along with the desired color.

Contact us:

These stretchers allow a large number of modifications and adaptations, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to customize or adapt your stretcher. Remember we are at your disposal at tienda@fisaude.com or at 916327740.


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All Mobercas, SLL products are guaranteed for a period of 3 years against all manufacturing defects, except for motors, which are guaranteed for 1 year. Likewise, Mobercas, SLL is responsible for supplying spare parts for 10 years. The purchase invoice issued by Mobercas, SLL will have the effect of a guarantee certificate.

Damage caused by intent or misuse , such as cleaning upholstery with unsuitable products or poor unpacking, are excluded from the warranty. Likewise, damages caused by natural catastrophes or by the natural wear and tear of the product will be excluded from the guarantee.

All our products are accompanied by mandatory use and maintenance regulations for the proper functioning and conservation of the product. In case of ignoring such rules, Mobercas, SLL is not responsible for the damage caused or improper use. Those products that have been modified or retouched by the customer will be excluded from the guarantee.


At the time of delivery and before signing the receipt, verify the number of packages and the good condition of the merchandise. In case of anomaly, it must be noted in writing on the carrier's delivery note and immediately notify Mobercas, SLL within a maximum period of 24 hours , since after this period if the established procedure has not been followed, all expenses incurred will be borne by the buyer. .

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