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Epte or Percutaneous Therapeutic Electrolysis

What is EPTE?

EPTE is the acronym of Percutaneous Electrolysis Therapeutics, a technique innovative for tendinopathy recovery through electrotherapy.
EPTE is fast, effective and minimally invasive . Not like others treatments results practically painless for the patient.
EPTE is also the name with which you know popularly the device with which the Electrolysis treatments Percutaneous Therapeutics.

What is the scientific basis of EPTE treatments?

The process by which a electric current alters the chemical structure and separates elements of a compound receives the name of electrolysis.
EPTE takes advantage of the principles of electrolysis for get an answer therapy. The electrolysis devices percutaneous therapeutic and regulate the current galvanic that is applied on the damaged tissue, with goal of producing the electrolysis and activate the process regenerative that favors the recovery.

Why is the EPTE technique?

? It is a local treatment at the site of the injury. HE apply directly on the tissue altered and / or degenerate.
? Manage tissue repair affected, starting up a new process of repair of the tissue itself damaged, without the healthy tissue be affected.
? Tissue recovery soft is immediate and in real time.
? The effectiveness is very high compared to others conventional treatments of physiotherapy (ultrasound, laser, shock waves) or doctors (drugs, infiltrations, surgery).
? The frequency of relapses It is low.
? In most cases the treatment does not require a break abrupt activity sports, being compatible with light training or low intensity exercises.

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