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Intelligent Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ADE: Data management in FITvigo application  
  • Intelligent Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ADE: Data management in FITvigo application
  • Intelligent Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ADE: Data management in FITvigo application

Intelligent Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ADE: Data management in FITvigo application (Ref. BPM1601)

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Description Intelligent Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ADE: Data management in FITvigo application (Ref. BPM1601)

Arm blood pressure monitor with oscillometric measurement of blood pressure (systolic / diastolic) and heart rate. Detects any case of irregularities of the heartbeat and arrhythmia


The ADE intelligent blood pressure monitor has a medical device certificate : it complies with all the requirements of the MDD Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC, with high safety and reliable medical and technical performance .

Equipped with large and soft sleeve (220-420 mm).

2 presets with automatic user identification for every 60 measurements with date and time display. If desired, the data transmission via Bluetooth 4.0 for the free FITvigo application (for Android and iOS). The data clearly presented in graphs and tables of quick data and export click.

Technical characteristics

- Oscilometric method

- Measurement of blood pressure variation: 0 - 300 mmHg / 0 - 39.9 kPa

- Measurement of pulse variation: 40 - 199 beats / minute

- Indicator of irregularity of the heartbeat

- Show the date and time


- Pulses: Show your pulse. Indicate the health of your heart.

- Blood Pressure: It takes the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, activates the alarm in case of critical results.


Blood pressure

This blood pressure monitor for the upper arm determines the systemic blood pressure - so the pressure generated by the heart muscle and what pushes the blood against the walls of the arteries. The blood pressure device then measures your systolic blood pressure, that is, the pressure at which your heart's blood is pumped into the artery (tension and ejection phase of the heart), and the diastolic blood pressure, the pressure at the flow of blood in the heart (relaxation - and the filling phase of the heart).


Along with your recorded blood pressure monitor the blood pressure frequency of your pulse. This is another indicator of your heart's health: The pulse rate indicates the number of blood pressure shocks per minute. Its values ​​can always be seen in the FITvigo application after the completion of the data transfer. For a better ranking it will also show highlights in the standard color areas of your reference group.

Arrhythmia warning


This blood pressure monitor has an intelligent BHI (Heartbeat Detector irregular) detector for the detection of cardiac arrhythmias. For each measurement, the device records the heartbeat intervals and determines the standard deviation. If the calculated value is greater than or equal to 15, the BHI icon appears together with the result of the measurement on the screen to notify you of the irregularities detected.

Medical device

France The blood pressure monitor is certified as a medical device and meets all the requirements of the MDD Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC. Compliance with the EU Directive certifies that the performance of the blood pressure monitor, high safety and a reliable medical and technical performance.

Local use

The upper arm's blood pressure monitor provides storage space for two users, each capable of storing 60 measurements on their profiles. Stored measurements can be retrieved and chronologically directly on the device at any time. Therefore, they can be used without being connected to the blood pressure gauge FITvigo application.

Easy to use

The blood pressure monitor is easy to use: Take the soft-start pushbuttons, a button for each user profile, you can start the measurement with the push of a button, scroll through the stored values ​​and adjust whether the time and date are necessary. Thanks to the illumination of the blue screen, you can always read its values ​​well. The flexible plastic sleeve is sitting comfortably on each upper arm. After the completion of the measurement, the unit automatically after a short period of time again.

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With this new application you will achieve a great sense of well-being: FITvigo tracks and evaluates your body data , suggests healthier habits to keep you in shape and offers something totally new : the emotional motivation that helps you develop a healthier lifestyle, improving your well-being

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Your data, your security

All FITvigo back-end services and data are managed within the Telekom Open Cloud in compliance with all data protection regulations in Germany and the EU and ISO 27001.

Easy to Share

Share your data as a file with your doctor, family or friends , through any channel you want, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook or email.



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