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Irisana Kinesiology Tape with Tourmaline - 5 cm x 5 cm (Green)  

    Irisana Kinesiology Tape with Tourmaline - 5 cm x 5 cm (Green) (Ref. 72.IR05VERDE)

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    Description Irisana Kinesiology Tape with Tourmaline - 5 cm x 5 cm (Green) (Ref. 72.IR05VERDE)

    The Kinesliology Irisana Tape is a self-adhesive and elastic tape used for Neuromuscular Bandage.

    Their technique relies on the activation of neurologic and circulatory systems, treating injured muscles and activating the recovery process of the body. The technique of Kinesio Taping creates a new approach to treating nerves, muscles and organs.

    It applies to all patients, not just for sports injuries, it is also very useful for everyday backaches, tendonitis, bunions, joint pain, drainage, scar treatment, edema, etc ..

    The Kinesliology Irisana Tape is made ​​of cotton and polyurethane, it is waterproof and adhesive for medical use (Cyanoacrilato). It is hypoallergenic and does not contain latex or medication, is elastic longitudinally between 150% and 160% is what experts recommended by applying the technique worldwide. The functions attributed to Neuromuscular Bandage is the ability to re-educate the neuromuscular and proprioceptive system, improve the patient's posture thanks to the sensorimotor information provided will facilitate lymphatic drainage, reduce pain, etc. With this technique raise the skin, increasing the subcutaneous space, helping to reduce pain, inflammation and lymphedema (acute phase of rehabilitation), decreasing considerably hematoma.

    Analgesia is one of the outstanding short-term IRISANA Kinesiology Tape, helping to decrease the time of recovery, especially in ligament, joint and muscle injury effects.

    It is placed on the muscles, covering the structures of interest to us in order to assist and reduce the stresses acting on the injured structures.

    Soothes and when there is injury, but also improves muscle performance in healthy athletes. "Once applied the technique and placed Kinesliology Tape Irisana in the treatment area, it will keep for 3-5 days.

    At the time of removal, always remove you from top to bottom, on behalf of the hair. The feeling is less annoying if we took off under the shower, with good wet zone. "Tape The tape Kinesliology Irisana has all the properties described above, plus those derived from the incorporation of tourmaline. It has been found that the incorporation of tourmaline improves adhesion and texture quality bandage.


    What is Tourmaline and what are its benefits?

    Tourmaline is a mineral used in various applications, including in science and technology. In contact with skin, reacts releasing heat, long distance infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deep and promote blood flow. Has a nervous sedative effect locally, it improves circulation, improves physical performance and shortens recovery time.


    Why? Kinesliology Tape Irisana with Tourmaline

    - Because it has an optimal voltage source (10%), and is elastic longitudinally by 150 to 160%, which is recommended by the technical specialists who apply worldwide?.

    - Because it has an excellent adhesive and this is not symmetrical, but it has special ripples rise even more when placed skin considerably improving information in the area, activating circulation and lymphatic drainage, bringing an extra benefit health, recovery or improving the performance of an athlete.

    - Because it is soft, add the properties of tourmaline, favoring both the tape and the end objective of the application of the technique. Improve the recovery process, the performance and condition of the patient.



    - Natural healing process of the body.

    - Optimizes recovery processes.

    - Help in muscle function without limiting the movement.

    - Reduces pain


    - Sports injuries

    - Back pains

    - Joint aches

    - Tendinitis

    - Drains

    - Treatment of scars ...



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