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Kinefis Geranium Essential Oil - 15 ml  

    Kinefis Geranium Essential Oil - 15 ml (Ref. V1410284)

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    Description Kinefis Geranium Essential Oil - 15 ml (Ref. V1410284)

    geranium oil is recommended for people indecisive and fearful. Develops the will and regulates mood swings. Active creativity and acts as an antidepressant. The essential oil has properties recognized as an astringent, regenerating, reducer, deodorant and tonic. All this with the guarantees offered by kinefis products, a clear commitment to the natural. In fresheners it works as an excellent insect repellent ..
    Modes employment
    They can be used dissolved in water in bathrooms by adding one or two drops to the bath, dissolved in oil to perform massage, or aromatherapy
    . Precautions
    external use. It is recommended not to use in pregnant women
    The kinefis oils are one hundred percent natural, pure and undiluted
    Do not let consult
    If you are an herbalist;.. Or, pharmacy, surgery, or other sales center oils essential not forget to consult wholesale prices.
    details Aromatherapy
    There are about seven hundred varieties of this plant whose leaves scented essences are extracted. From South Africa, it was used at first in Europe in the treatment of diarrhea or dysentery, as well as to cure skin problems, wounds, ulcers and stop bleeding. Today its antibacterial properties are known and is used for minor injuries and minor burns. Its diuretic properties (in the classification of oriental medicine, geranium oil corresponds to the water element), make it suitable for the preparation of creams cellulite treatments. It is also known for its effects on skin conditions. It is one of the oils used in preparations to treat varicose veins and skin ulcers. Besides its soft components, allowing their use on the face and facial cleanser, astringent, tonic, anti-wrinkle, and also in inflammatory processes. Aromatherapy has widespread applications especially geranium in low moods: working in excellent shape with undecided people, who have lost their willpower, helping them to integrate their thinking and action. These people may have many ideas, but fail to materialize, given its great passivity in action. This makes being blocked and can not implement their projects, sometimes ending in a state of depression. Geranium essential oil belongs to the water element, related fears. It allows the development of will. - Enables the creativity it acts on the right brain. - Help the person to realize their ideas, recovering his enthusiasm and security. - Stimulating Hormone (hormones produced by the adrenal glands). - It's nice relaxing nervous. He is also used in massage treatments for premenstrual tension, and menopause. - It is suitable for use in baths (diluted), or in mixtures for massages. - In freshener, helps regulate changes humor.Autores: Staff Magazine Magazine Interior Interior Growth Growth No. 18, Year 2



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