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kinefis Salvia essential oil 15ml  

    kinefis Salvia essential oil 15ml (Ref. V140104)

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    Description kinefis Salvia essential oil 15ml (Ref. V140104)

    The essential oil of Salvia combat depression, nervous exhaustion, shyness and social isolation. Stimulates memory and concentration, favorenciendo learning. It improves circulation and helps eliminate liquids, which we recommend in case of cellulitis.

    The essential oil of sage has recognized properties as an astringent, tonic, deodorant, detoxifying, reducer, pain reliever, decongestant. All with the guarantees offered by the kinefis products, a clear commitment to the natural.

    Job Modes

    They can be used dissolved in water, in baths adding one or two drops to the bath, dissolved in oils for performing massage, or aromatherapy.


    External use. It is recommended not use in pregnant women
    . Features
    The kinefis oils are one hundred percent natural, pure and undiluted.

    Detailed information Aromatherapy

    This woody plant strong aromatic odor and bitter taste, is native to the Mediterranean. There are actually 500 species of this plant which, the Salvia officinalis is used in aromatherapy. In ancient times, the Romans considered as a sacred herb is burned to clean the places of negative energies. It is also used to increase the energy of the crystals used in healing, placing them in a bed of dry leaves after cleaning.

    From the physical aspect, sage has several uses:

    - It is a strong stimulant of the nervous system, fighting depression, weakness of nervous origin, introversion. It stimulates memory, improves learning. It is regulator of blood pressure and helps to increase circulation and fluid removal.

    - At the same time acts as a nerve sedative, relaxes muscle contractures, spasms, tremors, relieves congested skin or injured, helps wound healing, is used for sprains, and is an excellent psycho-physical relaxing, fighting exhaustion both physical and mental or emotional aspects. So use in cases of overwork is recommended.

    - But one of its most popular uses is one that makes it special for women's issues, because this oil is in this sense, one of the widest spectrum. I have tried personally painful menstruation problems and irregularities during menopause Salvia oil massages, and the results were amazing. This is due to its action on the nervous system and at the same time on the meridian Circulation-Sexuality; for it is considered a regulator of the female reproductive system par excellence, acting effectively in cases of infertility (active female sexual functions), as well as menstrual irregularities (either by discontinuity, shortage or discomfort).

    A little secret: Salvia oil (diluted in base oil), is the best antiperspirant that can be achieved, because in addition to inhibiting perspiration, is aphrodisiac. In the mental aspect, this oil helps people to break free from bad experiences, which often prevents them apply what they learned from past mistakes in the facts of this. It is special for those unfamiliar with the inner wisdom and make mistakes again and again, turning negative. They feel because of their mistakes, things that lack a positive side and that the future can not improve. They are unable to find within themselves, to develop their inner vision or make any kind of self-analysis. The scent of sage used in air freshener, promotes reflection, introspection. It helps us to acquire the wisdom that brings the conviction that all we need to know is within us and that we only see our mistakes as an opportunity to learn to grow.

    Authors: Staff Magazine Magazine Interior Interior Growth Growth No. 33, Year 4, July 1997

    reviews Reviews kinefis Salvia essential oil 15ml (Ref. V140104)

    Reviews kinefis Salvia essential oil 15ml (Ref. V140104)

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    Buen olor y muy buen precio

    #1 on 22/06/2021 N° Client: Maria Customer rating  Maria


    #2 on 08/03/2021 N° Client: Carolina Customer rating  Carolina

    Me gusta mucho su textura y aroma, muy bueno

    #3 on 04/01/2021 N° Client: anonymous Customer rating  anonymous

    Buen producto.

    #4 on 26/08/2019 N° Client: anonymous Customer rating  anonymous

    quizás se nota un poco artifical, en general todos los que he comprado.

    #5 on 01/04/2019 N° Client: anonymous Customer rating  anonymous

    No he podido probarlo.

    #6 on 27/02/2019 N° Client: anonymous Customer rating  anonymous

    buen producto, buen precio . recomendable

    #7 on 19/06/2016 N° Client: anonymous Customer rating  anonymous



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