NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs

NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs  
  • NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs
  • NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs
  • NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs
  • NORMATEC 3.0 with two legs
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Reference: NT63010


The Normatec System is an innovative muscle recovery system. The new 3.0 system features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features and customization through the Bluetooth-connected Hyperice app.

What is the Normatec system?

The Normatec System is the most innovative in advanced leg recovery. Widely used among professional elite athletes, this patented technology improves recovery after training or competition.

NORMATEC Recovery was founded by a medical bio-engineer who realized that as compression technology progressed, a unique pattern was needed. The recovery system works by using sequential pulse technology to accelerate muscle recovery. The sensation is similar to that of a relaxing post-exercise massage but we also manage to push away the metabolic waste found in the muscles.

The Normatec System consists of two garments (in this case legs, there are other accessories available) in which we introduce the corresponding extremity (in this case the legs) and which we connect to the central unit (light, and which has an autonomy 3h thanks to its lithium battery). This small compressor fills and empties the 5 compartments with air.

The new control unit allows for custom adjustment of zone settings and intensity levels. Through a specific adjustable compression program (30-110 mmHg) by pulses, it allows you to eliminate metabolic waste and oxygenate the legs more quickly and effectively while providing a relaxing massage to the muscles.

The best option for athletes, amateurs and professionals, sports teams, high performance centers or gyms.

Its small size, lightness and battery make Normatec an excellent travel companion for your most demanding competitions.

Base equipment:

- Control unit

- 2 boots

- Tubes

- Power supply

Boots available in two sizes:

NT63010 - Unit + 2 Standard Boots: 160-190 cm

NT63011 - Unit + 2 Long Boots: more than 190 cm

Normatec 3.0 Features:

- Battery life: 3 hours

- The manual control unit is more compact and lighter (1.5kg)

- TSA approved for cabin travel


- Custom compression levels from 30 to 110 mmHg.

- Customizable time, pressure and zone settings

- Worldwide voltage 12V power and rechargeable lithium-ion battery

- Two years warranty on the control unit and one year on all system components

Combine Normatec 3.0 with your smartphone:

Seamlessly control your device from the convenience of your phone and create the perfect recovery experience with the Hyperice mobile app.

- Customize time and pressure settings

- Active Zone Boost

- Save and restore your favorite settings

- Track and share your recovery statistics

- Upload recovery data to your other training and tracking apps


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