OFFER 5 + 1: Kinefis K-Silver Heat Cream 500 ml

OFFER 5 + 1: Kinefis K-Silver Heat Cream 500 ml  
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Buy 5 Kinefis K-Silver Heat Creams and get 1 Kinefis K-Silver Heat Cream for FREE

Excellent formulation with top quality natural assets such as plant extracts (Camomila, Centella, Fucus, Arnica and Melisa) and essential oils (Orange, Rosemary, Clove and Camphor).

When applying the cream on the skin a heat effect is achieved that attenuates muscle and joint discomforts allowing better sports performance . Through its composition rich in active ingredients relaxes and improves the trophism of the treated area. The heat effect is combined with the action of the natural active ingredients of which it is endowed. Improving the muscular and articular state , acting on the tense bands and trigger points that cause the pain. The heat effect allows to evoke the gate control that minimizes painful sensations .

Apply directly to the skin, performing an intense massage until completely absorbed. If a more intense heat sensation is required, accentuate the massage.

Quality assurance and brand Kinefis always the best price.

Keep out of the reach of children.