PODOPRINT pressure platform: extra-flat transportable electronic pedometer

PODOPRINT pressure platform: extra-flat transportable electronic pedometer  
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Reference: PD-440


The Podoprint pressure platform performs static, dynamic and posturology studies through complete and autonomous systems created around the patient that include all diagnostic, analysis and communication instruments .


- Podoprint, is a revolutionary pressure platform that allows the user an easy, fast and accurate analysis thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors with a higher degree of precision. Thanks to its self-calibration system, (ACM) -Auto Calibration Mode- it does not need any type of recalibration during the useful life of the platform. The only connection is via a USB cable, which allows installation on any type of computer, be it laptop or desktop.

- Podoprint Software is a pioneer in the Visual Display system, an innovation in the industry that allows users to view, interpret, modify and print plantar pressure tests in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to immediate and direct access to the data that matters most to you. Podoprint, can carry out studies in Statics, Dynamics and Posturology.

- Thanks to the option of attaching a video camera, the podiatrist will be able to study the dynamics synchronized with the captures of the platform.

PODOPRINT Techniques

study in dynamics
Pressure distribution, support surfaces, weight. Animation of the development of the step. Gait morphology. Analysis graphs. Print comparisons (with or without equipment).

study in statics
Distribution of pressures, support, weight, surface, masses, etc. Location of the center of gravity and support. surface of each foot. Different visualization methods (3D). 1/1 scale print.

study in dynamics
Spectrum, traced. Study of oscillations. Stabilo-gram. Graph (postural instability, deviations, etc).


- Devices from this supplier have a 2-year warranty

- The accessories that come with the device such as batteries, power adapters, heads, etc. have a 1 year warranty.

- The consumable materials used for this type of device such as electrodes, conductive gel, etc. do not have a guarantee

* The guarantees will be applied as long as the device and its accessories are not damaged by misuse or negligence of the client: blows, broken displays, overvoltage, etc.