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Pointer Pointer Search: Acupuncture Stimulator and Laser  
  • Pointer Pointer Search: Acupuncture Stimulator and Laser

Pointer Pointer Search: Acupuncture Stimulator and Laser (Ref. EB1007)

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Description Pointer Pointer Search: Acupuncture Stimulator and Laser (Ref. EB1007)

Pointer pulse, fourth generation device of the pointer pal range. It combines 3 functions in 1: search points, electrical stimulation and laser


Pointer Pulse has a locator and point detector for atrium and body. It incorporates a stimulation by means of a push button together with an infrared laser stimulation.

It allows the application of the treatment on the point or area after detecting them. This infrared laser is also used as a substitute for invasive acupuncture treatment. Laser acupuncture radiates directly on some key points of the body (on the surface of the skin).

Transcutaneous nerve electrical stimulation (tens, "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation") is used for the symptomatic relief of chronic insurmountable (long-term) pain.


- 3 devices in 1.

- Adjustable sensitivity

- Location and immediate treatment of points

- Tension stimulation (nerve transcutaneous electrical stimulation)

- 10-hour laser stimulation with pulsed stimulation.

Technical specifications

Electrical stimulation

- Output current: 0 - 45 ma

- Pulse frequency: 10 hz

- Pulse width: 280 sec.

- Wave type: continuous

- Dimensions: 210 x 45-85 x 24 mm.

- Weight: 100gm, the unit; 380 gm, the complete set.

- Power source: 9 v alkaline battery

Laser stimulation

- Laser bandwidth: 650 nm

- Maximum output power: 5mw (i.- continuous laser output, ii.- pulsed laser output at 10 hz)

- Power source: 9 v alkaline batteries

- Dimensions: 210 <45-85 x 24 mm

- Weight: 100 gm (a single unit)


- The articles of this manufacturer (with the exception of accessories) have a 1 year warranty

- Accessories that are included with the product or that can be purchased separately, such as cables, applicators, light bulbs, batteries, power adapters, heads, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

- Expendable materials such as electrodes, conductive gel, etc. have no guarantee

* The guarantees will be applied as long as the appliance and its accessories are not damaged by the customer's misuse or negligence: bumps, broken displays, overvoltage, etc.

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