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Stackable Emergency Tables  

    Stackable Emergency Tables (Ref. 14CEPL0000)

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    Description Stackable Emergency Tables (Ref. 14CEPL0000)

    Description Emergency stackable stretcher

    Emergency stackable stretcher is very useful for transporting wounded and sick from areas of difficult access to camps or vehicles, in order to be treated in more appropriate places light and rigid platform.
    You can adapt as hospital stretcher campaign using one of the supports available in our catalog. To be stackable, they occupy a smaller volume during storage and transport.
    Technical Specifications
    stackable stretcher is composed of:

    The stackable stretcher consists of a ring-metallic structure of 1.87 m by 0.50 m and a canvas attached to said pretensioned fence. Its total weight is 5.5 kg.
    The various parts making up the structure are made of welded light alloy. It is subsequently subjected to a process prior to the installation of natural anodized canvas.
    Canvas (100% PES PVC 900 g / m2, Fireproof CI.2) is cut in the shape necessary to permit grasping the structure from different points during use and allowing in turn, fit legs one on another in the stacking process for storage and transportation. The fabric is attached to the tubes by aluminum rivets with reinforcing strips of the same material to prevent tearing.
    The stackable stretcher should be cleaned after use with non-abrasive soap and plenty of water, let it dry in a ventilated place before storage.



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