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StimVet 2000 veterinary electrostimulator - Tens and neuromuscular stimulation with 114 programs  

    StimVet 2000 veterinary electrostimulator - Tens and neuromuscular stimulation with 114 programs (Ref. G5614)

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    Description StimVet 2000 veterinary electrostimulator - Tens and neuromuscular stimulation with 114 programs (Ref. G5614)

    StimVet 2000 veterinary electrostimulator - TENS and neuromuscular activation for animals - 114 programs - Special functions

    The new StimVet 2000 device applies all the advances in health science for the care and prevention of racehorse diseases. It is a team developed for electrical muscle stimulation and pain relief. Its compact design and rechargeable battery make it possible to carry out the treatment in any situation.

    The analgesic action is favored by electricity according to different mechanisms, such as membrane hyperpolarization, the gateway theory, local hyperemia and the release of morphine-like mediators.

    Stimulation effect: the electric current can favor muscle contraction by acting on both the motor neuron and the muscle itself. The interaction between electrical stimuli and biological tissues is a very complex phenomenon. Sometimes the choice of a stimulation signal is an important therapeutic action, which must be carried out according to the functional conditions of the muscle (innervated muscle, denervated or partially denervated muscle) and the objective to be achieved.


    - MULTI-USER: it is possible to memorize up to 25 different users and create a range of customized programs according to individual objectives.
    - AUTOMATIC MODE (AUTO STIM®): allows you to carry out a program automatically, without having to manually adjust the intensity.
    - SYNCROSTIM: by simply pressing a key, it is possible to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.
    - RUN TIME FUNCTION: this function allows you to modify the time, frequency and amplitude of the pulse during the treatment.
    - PROGRAMMABLE: 15 free memories.
    - FUNCTION 2 + 2: allows to execute two different programs simultaneously.
    - FAVORITES: allows to memorize up to 30 programs per user.
    - LAST 10: memorize the last 10 programs executed.
    - WORKING TIME: indicates the total time of use of the device.


    - Endorphinic TENS.
    - TENS conventional analgesics.
    - Modulated TENS.
    - TENS osteoarthritis.
    - TENS spondyloarthrosis.
    - TENS lumbosacral stenosis.
    - TENS discopathy.
    - TENS postoperative pain.
    - TENS fracture pain.

    - EMS prevention of atrophy of the muscles of the front legs.
    - EMS prevention of atrophy of the muscles of the hind limbs.
    - EMS prevention of atrophy of the trunk muscles.
    - EMS reinforcement of the muscles of the front legs.
    - EMS strengthening the muscles of the hind limbs
    - EMS reinforcement of the trunk muscles.
    - EMS muscle contractions.

    - Osteogenesis microcurrents.
    - Microcurrents wound healing.
    - Cartilage microcurrents.

    - Sport maximum force forelimbs.
    - Sport maximum strength hind limbs.
    - Sport resistance forelimbs.
    - Sport resistance hind limbs.
    - Sport explosive force forelimbs.
    - Sport explosive force hind limbs.
    - Decontracting sport.
    - Sport cooling.

    Technical characteristics:

    - Channels: 4 independent channels (8 electrodes).
    - Frequency: 1 to 150 Hz.
    - Power: 120 mA per channel.
    - Pulse width: 50-450 µs.
    - Rechargeable battery.
    - External power supply.
    - Actual measurements: 17 x 22 x 6 cm.
    - Net weight: 1,370 Gr.

    Base allocation:

    - 1 Bag
    - 1 StimVet ProRace Stimulator
    - 4 Cables for connection to electrodes
    - 2 gray wires for treatments with microcurrents
    - 8 square silicone electrodes
    - 8 rectangular silicone electrodes
    - 1 battery charger
    - 1 bottle of gel


    The device has a two year warranty.



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