Temtex Kinesiology tape color yellow (5cm x 5m)

Temtex Kinesiology tape color yellow (5cm x 5m)  
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Reference: BKT-11


The Neuromuscular Bandage is a technique based on the use of a special bandage (TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape) that is placed in a specific way   manages to provide functional support to the muscles without limiting joint mobility , as well as unequivocal advantages derived from increased blood and lymphatic circulation, modifications at the level of skin sensory receptors , as well as at the neuromuscular level .

Technical characteristics:

The Temtex Kinesiology Tape is a kind of elastic tape that sticks directly to the skin; it is elastic in the longitudinal direction , while in the transverse direction it is rigid and the level of elasticity as demanded by the best world specialists is between 150% and 160%.

Their composition is based on cotton , they are latex-free and have a glue that allows them to adhere to the skin; the glue used is Cyanoacrylate for medical use. Once placed on the skin, it does not come off due to sweat and they easily withstand immersion in water (so you can get wet, or take a shower, ...).

The combination of Temtex Kinesiology Tape and its proper placement will bring with it:

- Normalization of muscle function.

- Decrease in inflammation.

- Decrease in pain.

- Better joint support.


NOTE : Article and informative study on the " A plication of the Temtex neuromuscular bandage in pregnant women with low back pain ", click here to see it.


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