Auriculopuncture balls

The balls are key to carry out treatments ear acupuncture

Auriculotherapy focuses its treatments on the stimulation of certain points of the ear. The balls are presented as one of the central elements to carry out the ear acupuncture. that they are an essential element for all the centers that are dedicated to carrying out treatments related to traditional Chinese medicine

We find different materials for these auriculotherapy balls: stiper, titanium and metallic balls. In addition, its anti-allergic adhesives ensure that treatments can be carried out efficiently, prolonged and guaranteeing the highest hygiene standards.


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What? is auriculotherapy?

The auriculotherapy is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine that is derived from acupuncture, through which points of the external pavilion of the ear are stimulated to diagnose and be able to treat health problems in other areas of the body.

It is therefore a technique of using points on the skin of the external ear. It is also known as auricular medicine, and is often used not only for pain, but for other purposes, such as treating internal disorders.