Auriculotherapy thumbtacks

The thumbtacks are essential for the treatments of auriculopuncture

Auriculotherapy is going to be based on stimulating certain points of the ear or external auditory pavilion. Thumbtacks have become one of the basic and essential elements for every space and clinic that carries out auriculopuncture treatments.

These pins can be made of different materials: gold plated, steel, addition, they ensure that the results are more effective since they apply pressure. n in the reflex points in a comfortable, long-lasting way and guaranteeing maximum hygiene for patients.

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What? is auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is based on the stimulation of reflex zones and points of the ear to treat different illnesses and conditions. By stimulating these reflex points, it acts distally on the different areas of the body. The main difference with acupuncture is that auriculotherapy does not use needles, but seeds or thumbtacks, which are placed using an adhesive and do not stick into the skin.

The applications of auriculotherapy are very extensive. Among the most common treatments are losing weight and quitting smoking, but it can also be applied to pain and contractures, insomnia and stress, digestive problems or menstrual pain.


What? What are the benefits of auriculotherapy?

- It favors the circulation of energy or Qi.

- Stimulates analgesia or the elimination of pain.

- It can be combined with other techniques or with any other treatment.

- The effects obtained are almost immediate. 

- It is a technique that is very easy to use.

- In addition, it is a very safe technique when applying it.

- Promotes all the physiological activities of our body.