BIOSWING Oscillation Technology for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Discover the innovative BIOSWING oscillation technology for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Find the BIOSWING device you need, designed toimprove mobility, strengthen muscles, relieve pain and correct posture. The products we offer have been carefully created for patients and therapists, offering personalized treatments, progress monitoring and greater effectiveness. Explore our cutting-edge solutions and improve the quality of life of your patients. Optimize your therapy practice with BIOSWING today!

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Metal support for 4 PROPRIOMED barsNew

Metal support for 4 PROPRIOMED bars

Metal support for 4 PROPRIOMED bars ...

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5 products

The BIOSWING swing mechanism benefits patients and therapists in physical therapy and rehabilitation. For patients, it improves mobility, strengthens muscles, relieves pain and corrects posture. For therapists, it allows personalized treatments, progress monitoring, reduces physical load and increases the effectiveness of treatments.


- Improvement of joint mobility.

- Muscle strengthening.

- Stimulation of blood circulation.

- Pain relief.

- Posture correction.

- Personalization of treatments.

- Less physical load for therapists.

- Greater effectiveness in treatments.

- Monitoring patient progress