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First Aid Kit Bag  

    First Aid Kit Bag (Ref. BOB423)

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    Description First Aid Kit Bag (Ref. BOB423)

    Kit rigid and resistant plastic in orange, with non-slip matte finish, combined with a fine, bright central space, especially designed to customize the kit by screen printing or label. Very rigid and impact resistant.

    Up to 14 compartments inside. 2 large and 8 small spacers that permit adapting the dimensions of the compartments as needed.

    2 clear plastic protective covers that prevent it falling the content and / or products dislodging and mix.

    • Integrated handle for easy portability.

    Dual locking spin and safety pressure.

    Rubber insulation around the inside perimeter of the cabinet, to ensure perfect seal.

    Possibility of personalization by screen printing or color labeled according to quantities. For more information check conditions.

    • Individually packed by transparent shrink


    10 orilladas bands of 5 cm x 5 m
    7 orilladas bands 7 cm x 5 m
    3 orilladas bands 10 cm x 5 m
    One wound cotton 100 gr
    1 stainless steel scissors 11 cm
    1 clamp stainless steel of 11 cm
    1 bottle of alcohol 96º 250 cc
    1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide 250cc
    1 box of 10 plasters 1 cm x 6 cm
    1 box of 10 plasters of 19 mm x 72 mm
    1 bottle of 125 ml povidone
    18 5 ml physiological serum
    1 plaster allergic hiccup 2.5 cm x 5 m
    1 plaster hypo allergic 1.25 cm x 5 cm
    10 envelopes of 5 sterile gauze 16 cm x 25 cm
    4 pairs of latex gloves with powder size M


    Technical characteristics:

    Material: Injected plastic
    Dimensions: 37x32x13 CM

    reviews Reviews First Aid Kit Bag (Ref. BOB423)

    Reviews First Aid Kit Bag (Ref. BOB423)

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