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Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline Black (5cm X 5m)  

    Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline Black (5cm X 5m) (Ref. BKTour-07)

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    Description Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline Black (5cm X 5m) (Ref. BKTour-07)

    The Temtex Tourmaline Kinesiology Tape is a neuromuscular bandage similar in composition, elasticity, ... to the Temtex Kinesiology Tape, to which the Tourmaline has been incorporated.

    What is the Tourmaline ?:

    Tourmaline is a precious gem of different colors that, in addition to its use in jewelry, is used in technological and scientific uses because it can induce an electrical charge simply by applying pressure on the gem in a certain direction. Likewise, Tourmaline in contact with water releases negative ions , and this is what occurs in an athlete who exercises and has the skin in contact with tourmaline; the athlete sweats and the tourmaline, upon contact with sweat, releases negative ions.

    What are the beneficial effects of negative ions ?:

    Mainly it improves blood flow and has a local nerve sedative effect . With improved circulation , lactate clearance is promoted (lactate is removed more quickly) and physical performance improves . It also improves recovery. The effect on the nerves leads to a decrease in muscle pain.

    What are the effects of TEMTEX Tourmaline Kinesiology tape ?:

    The effects of using the TEMTEX Tourmaline Kinesiology Tape are derived from the addition of those obtained through the kinesiology Tape, to which is added the improvement of physical performance , the improvement of recovery and the reduction of muscle pain . Its use is especially indicated in people who perform physical activity, which produces sweating that in contact with the neuromuscular bandage activates the release of negative ions by the Tourmaline.

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    reviews Reviews Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline Black (5cm X 5m) (Ref. BKTour-07)

    Reviews Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline Black (5cm X 5m) (Ref. BKTour-07)

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