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Nobecutan sterile spray dressing  

    Nobecutan sterile spray dressing (Ref. 12.242.1)

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    Description Nobecutan sterile spray dressing (Ref. 12.242.1)

    Nobecutan sterile spray dressing

    Technical characteristics:

    - Transparent color

    - Capacity (container): 250 Ml.

    - Characteristics: Sterile, elastic, antiallergic, antiseptic, microporous, easy and quick to apply, which allows baths and personal hygiene.

    - Application: Wound protection and increased adhesiveness.

    - It is a dressing in the form of an aerosol, which when deposited on the skin, acts by forming a thin adherent film, very elastic and transparent to steam and humidity.

    - Useful in dermatology; Superficial burns, postoperative use, pediatrics, as a complement to conventional dressings, small wounds, puncture sealing, vaccinations and fistulas.

    - Composition: Composed of an acrylic copolymer, ethyl acetate, tetramethylthiouramium disulfide, propellant.

    - How to use: Spray on the desired part from a distance of 15-20 cm. A better coating is achieved by successive applications, once the first layer dries. A few days after spraying, the film peels off at the edges and can then be easily removed. To help its elimination, acetone, ether or ethyl acetate can be used.

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