Seca 700 mechanical column scale: with sliding weights at eye level

Seca 700 mechanical column scale: with sliding weights at eye level  
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Reference: SA 700.102.1994


The Seca 700 mechanical column scale is an optimized and modernized model, which comes with a larger capacity of 220 kg , even more comfortable handling and a perfected design for the offices of general practitioners, internists and nutritionists .

Absolute reliability scale, with even greater precision thanks to the 50 g division and the largest capacity, up to 220 kg. And with greater comfort, offered by the low, wide platform and the scale with weights at eye level. The seca 700 scale is available in three versions: kilograms, pounds and kilograms/pounds .

The optional stadiometer , with a measuring range of 60 to 200 cm, allows weighing and measurement to be carried out in a single operation. Equipped with transport wheels for mobile and flexible use.

Indestructible technology and absolute precision are essential conditions that a scale must offer for daily service in health centers.
professionals. The proven spinal patient scale with its characteristic sliding weight bar at eye level is highly regarded, especially in doctors' offices.

Strong points:

- High capacity and wide platform: with its capacity of up to 220 kg, the seca 700 patient scale has been specifically designed for weighing overweight and adiposity patients

- Simple operation and comfortable reading at eye level: the scale arranged at eye level for comfortable reading is printed on both sides; Thus, it can be operated from the scale itself or also by a person located in front of it.

- Solid cast iron construction and integrated wheels for transport: The lower structure of the seca 700 scale, made of cast iron, withstands even the most intensive uses. The special paint on the lever system protects the inner life from corrosion, ensuring long-term accurate results. Despite its compact construction, the scale can be transported on its wheels easily and quickly to where it is needed.

Technical characteristics:

- Capacity: 220 kg

- Division (g):50 g, 100 g

- Dimensions (WxHxD): 520 x 1556 x 520 mm

- Net weight: 16.2 kg

- Functions: Zero Adjustment Function, Transportation Cost

- CE: CE 0123

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