Solid oils for Galius massage

Ideal oils for all types of massages and for all types of skins

In Galius Pro they continue to manufacture all their solid oils in the same traditional way to guarantee their maximum quality and reliability. This seal of excellence makes Galius Pro a  the reference brand in the world of  massage, highly recognized by professionals in the field of sports and physiotherapy in all its modalities.

Because the main mission of Galius is to be at the side of the professional, providing solutions that provide health to the user in general. from there that they have launched a triple line of solid oils for massages: 

- Galius relaxing massage oil: for all types of massage before and after exercise

- Galius neutral massage oil: for all types of massages with a relaxing, comforting and invigorating effect

- Basic Galius massage oil: for all types of massages with a light aroma of rosemary

Three types of solid oils that can be purchased in three different sizes: 100 ML - 500 ML - 1000 ML

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What? What is solid massage oil?

They are fatty preparations made from refined olive or sunflower oil, fully hydrogenated rapeseed and tocopherols. They are made by crystallization, a physical process that does not alter the lipid or triglyceride profile, as occurs with industrial chemical processes. These solid oils for massage maintain their solid form at room temperature, becoming an oil with great extensibility and sliding capacity when it comes into contact with the skin. These oils save up to 40% compared to the classic massage oil.